Why English is the Universal Language

Which is one is the universal language, Chinese or English? People are confused between this two, English is the universal language but Chinese is the most spoken language around the world when comparing the population of speakers. Chinese is the most spoken language but the language is not universal since it is only Chinese people have it as the first language compared to English language having many nations as the native language. This is why English is universal language until it was chosen as the second language of many people.

Having a universal language has helped people to reach the ends of the earth without experiencing too much hardship. If the language has not spread all over the world, how can people communicate with each other? This is why it is truly amazing that we had a second language. It does not matter which language would be the second language of all people for as long as a second language can exist. Luckily English is chosen because this is the native language of some nations.

Let’s imagine, Japanese will be our second language. In this case all Japanese will have to become a Japanese language teacher, in their small population, it would take time. This is why it is just right that English is chosen as the second language. We cannot deny the existence of God in this situation. In reality, learning English is not very hard for as long you will put your passion in it. No wonder many parents begin sending their children to English tutorials as young as young as they are.