Speech Determines Success and Failure

We can survive without mouth is a childish thinking. Actually, everything can perish but not speech. Many shy-type person do not really want to talk a lot. So their parents would say to them that they cannot live with shy personality especially when they grow up. This is very true. For job seekers, they need to be confident of themselves. They can show that they are confident when they use their mouth. Without confidence in yourself, the boss will likely hesitate to hire you.

If you will not be hired and then you continuously do the same attitude, how can you say you will attain a successful career. Even students have to show something strength that they have by boldly speaking in front of the school. Those who excel in the class usually are those who use their mouth in pleasing somebody. So be proud that you are given the mouth to speak and that you are confident in yourself. Being confident of one’s self is an asset.

In other words, by your speech, it is either you fail or success. Be very careful with your words too. It does not mean that you will speak out whatever you think. This is dangerous, unless you are careful of what you say, you will not be successful in your career. Your words can anger or touch other people. Speaking what is helpful depends on you. Many people failed from their business because of their words. Whatever is your language, if you have a soft tongue, you will be praised.