Learning some interesting facts about the English language

The English language is a universal language. This is an already famous fact about the English language. But there are more facts about it that you do not know. We will share some of them as we are also excited when we are watching this video. We want to learn English so we want to know some facts about it and we come to this video. It is very nice of the one who uploaded this video. Let us see some of the facts about the English language.

The first fact just blows our mind. Here we are just learning but how can you possibly remember such a word and why it was created as that. Forty-five letters in one word. How amazing but also confusing to us. I did not try to pronounce it either but I will just go with the definition when someone asks me about this fact. At least I could memorize its meaning. The next fact is that one sentence contains all the letters of the alphabet. If you want to practice handwriting, you can try this one. Look from this travel agency website. See this page 泰雅 and find out best services offered. They might be the best in processing visa.

Then let us proceed with the shortest complete sentence in the English language. It is the sentence “I am”. A very simple answer. If you want more interesting articles just visit here 卡式台胞證 in this website again but there are more articles. Take time to read them for now and come back for more articles to be posted on.