Uses of English Language

English is known as the universal language on earth. Having a universal language is one of the best movement happened on this earth. A linguist once said that his greatest treasure is language because that is his power of survival! Communication is our life.  How then do we communicate using this language?


Have you ever tried going to a foreign land or even a place that uses a language different from yours? Then have you ever entered a restaurant to have a snack but do not know how to express what you want to buy? Then you find yourself paying attention to what other customers say so you can order the same to escape embarrassment? This is why you need to know how to speak English even a little. What about asking the native people of your destination but you can no talk to them because you differ in language? Language barrier is the most common problem that travelers encounter especially if they can not speak English well.


Engaging in business needs extra language. Business occurs within many different people around the world. A Korean going to overseas to establish business needs to learn English no matter how hard it is for them to learn the language. For online business, it is much necessary to speak English unless you want to be ignored by many people. It is far better to speak to a person with odd English than talking to a programmed voice or robots! Example: BPO industries uses English. But some times, they use robots that anger customers making them to hang up. Another type of business engaging in English is Online Teaching, this without a doubt requires fluency in the language.


This is very important. You want to make friends? Never ask other people to learn your language for you. You yourself have to learn the language for you and for others. You can also touch others by learning the language for you. They said that speaking English fluently is a plus to a person. It is because this will help you become confident of yourself that you will not be out of place from gatherings and meetings. You can interact with others well. Actually, language barrier will cause misunderstanding between and among people. This may cause quarrel.


You can actually protect yourself from any danger that will threaten you. You hear news that tourist are murdered or harmed. If you know ho wot speak English, you can find a way to guard yourself in a foreign land.